An enthusiastic amateur

Hi! I'm a comedy writer in New York City. I'm also the host and glorified guinea pig of Drug Test.

Drug Test is a show literally and figuratively on drugs. It's a live show held monthly at Caveat Bar and theater reviewed in the New Yorker. I've filmed my ketamine infusion, an SAT on LSD, a presidential fitness test on MDMA & pot, and done an ultramarathon on LSD. Previous guests include Rick Doblin, Hamilton Morris, Rick Strassman, Andrew Tatarsky, Shane Mauss, Will Siu, and many others. Laugh and learn and say know to drugs. 

Psychedelics have helped me treat my depression, so I've used my skills as a comedian to educate the masses about drugs! I've trained as a Zendo project volunteer, taken classes with Fluence, worked with MAPS, and performed at psychedelic conferences and fundraisers.

I'm passionate about science communication so I co-founded Hello SciCom, a science comedy communications agency. I specialize in writing comedy for AI & Robots including a humanoid robot named Sophia and yes, it is a real job. Before that, I was headwriter for Neil deGrasse Tyson's show StarTalk. I went to Harvard but I promise I didn't learn anything there. 

In the words of Margaret Thatcher, follow me on Twitter.